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"Action Products recoil reducing strap-on shoulder harness is phenomenal in its ability to reduce felt recoil of hard hitting magnum rifles and shotguns. This shoulder harness is made fully adjustable to fit every body size from the biggest man to a small child. The shoulder harness, straps, when adjusted properly, lock together with a simple quick detachable latch.

The pad itself being only 1/4 inch thick is made of material that reduces felt recoil of heavy kicking firearms by over 60%. During our tests with Action Products' shoulder harness we found recoil from a 300 Win Mag to be reduced to approximately that of a 243 Win. This strap-on pad created a much more pleasurable shooting condition in regards to the number of rounds that could be comfortably fired in one session."

Mark Marcum - THE SPORTSMAN staff



Click HERE for a review by Chuck Hawks.


"Thanks to you and your company for creating and selling the Action Products anti-recoil pad.  I've been shooting with it on my .30-06 big game rifle.  It is doing what I needed - cutting the kick so much that I'm handling the .30-06 the same way I shoot with a .22.  I focus on the target and take the shot.  I'm still not a marksman, but my bullet groups are tight enough to give me confidence that when I pull the trigger in the field, for this year's bison, I'll be hitting vital organs.  I'm not sure where or when I developed the shooting flinch that was taking my shots too far astray, but it arrived, bothered me, and now is gone.  The only difference is the Action Products Kick Killer, for which I am genuinely grateful."

Len Carlman

Wilson, Wyoming


“When I go hunting ground squirrels the gun shock will give me bruises on my arm. Then I tried “Kick Killer®” shooting clay pigeons and I didn’t even feel the shock. I had no bruises or sore muscles. I now have this product and will use it always!”

Tessa Bowey 12, Montana


“Last week it was my pleasure to try your “Kick Killer” Shooting Vest with the Akton® shock absorbing pad. A sample was provided to me by Mr. Webster Wright of Annapolis, MD. This is the first product of this kind I have tried in 30 years of participating in the shooting sports that really works! And I should say, I’ve tried them all. The first time I used it was during a bench-rest session. I could not believe how effective it was in absorbing recoil. I also loaned it to two other shooters that day and they too were amazed. Next, I wore it to a two day off-hand match. Usually, after a two day match my shoulder will show some soreness- not so using your shooting vest. There was not one bit of soreness the next day. As a testament to the effectiveness of your products, I would like to place an order for three of your very excellent Akton® “Kick Killer” shoulder pads in the T-Shirt Model. Please send one large and two medium. Again, it’s a pleasure to find a product promoting effective recoil absorption that actually does!”



William N. Welch Forensic Ballistics, Maryland State Police, Retired



“I sure appreciate the time and effort you went to help me get the perfect Kick Killer recoil butt pad for the Ruger 416 Rigby rifle I recently took to Botswana to hunt Cape Buffalo. The rawhide lace-up type gave the rifle a truly classic look and the polymer cushion significantly reduced the recoil of this heavy caliber. After putting the Kick Killer over the standard recoil pad, the rifle was almost a pleasure to shoot. I became so comfortable with the rifle, and consequently able to shoot it very quickly and accurately, that I later used it to hunt Kudu and Warthog. I also took a 30-06 Ruger with one of your Kick Killers for plains game. The reduced recoil helped me shoot much better off of the shooting sticks. Thanks again for your help.”

Best Regards,


Joe Lawton



I have recently attached one of your rifle pads to a 300 Winchester short Mag rifle. Before the pad, when I fired the rifle it was a violent, out of control shot. The pad absorbed the greatest part of the shock allowing hours of uninterrupted target practice without fatigue. The pad is esthetically compatible with the rifle and has formed itself around the stock nicely. In short, for me it is necessary to have the pad attached in order to enjoy shooting and maintain better control.”

Thank You,


Michael D’Ambra, Idaho


"Just wanted to take the time to tell you guys how much I absolutely love the Kick Killer!  Great addition to my old Winchester 1897!  Thank you so much, it is well worth the price!"

David Slife - Troy, OH - April 20, 2020


Bought this for my 1953 Marlin 336 R.C.  The old leather butt stock cover as 67 years old and threads were rotted.  Measured as instructed and ordered a small.  Just finished installing it and it fit like a glove!  The difference in felt recoil was astonishing lower.  Love it and would buy again. - 12/14/2020