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Akton® Polymer for Recoil Use

AKTON Viscoelastic Polymer

AKTON Visco-elastic Polymer is the proprietary space age material which makes KICK KILLER recoil pads one of the most effective recoil reducer and outdoor comfort lines ever manufactured. Used in the medical profession for more than 40 years, AKTON Visco-elastic polymer creates a soft cushion to absorb tremendous recoil energy, distribute impact forces and reduce bruising, abrasion and pain from firearms discharge or other shock. Acting like fluid for uniform energy absorption, AKTON Visco-elastic polymer is actually a soft material imbued with tremendous molecular memory. Made by Action Products, Inc., the polymer will not lose its shape or break down as do foam, gel, or silicone. The polymer is more effective than leading competitors and reduces recoil by more than 50% according to the H. P. White Laboratory. If you want to learn more about AKTON Visco-elastic Polymer please link to our dedicated website



Recoil Pads absorb enormous recoil energy, distributes force of impact, prevents bruising, skin abrasion and shoulder pain from gun kick.  Recoil Pads work in all weather and temperature extremes and have been tested by professionals.  NO other material exists with the properties of AKTON polymers for absorbing shock.


KICK KILLER Recoil Pad Study

Tough KICK KILLER products featuring AKTON Visco-elastic polymer provide years of dependable, trouble free services. In a test conducted by the nation's leading independent ballistics lab, H.P. White Laboratory, Inc. of Aberdeen, MD, an Action KICK KILLER recoil pad reduced the mean peak recoil more than 50% using a Winchester Ranger pump action shotgun chambered for 12 gauge 3" magnum load. The referenced H.P. White White Shock Absorbing test is accessible at: